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This directory provides centralized access to quality, local and national, peer reviewed arts education professional development programs.  A diverse community of educators, inclusive of generalist teachers, arts specialists, teaching artists and school and arts administrators, bring high quality arts instruction to Los Angeles County students during the traditional school day in LA County's 81 school districts.  This site features professional development opportunities to serve the needs of these educators.

To be listed on the site, arts education professional development providers must submit an electronic application form, all required supplemental materials, and be approved by a peer panel comprised of arts organizations, artists, educators and parents.


How to Apply


The application for new listings will be announced at a later date.

Read the Application Guidelines to begin preparing your online application, curriculum and evaluation materials, letters of recommendation and video!



Defining High Quality Professional Development


Programs and Providers listed on the site are of high quality and have been peer reviewed according to the following criteria:

1) Demonstrated Experience and Qualifications

a) Provided by skilled instructors with experience delivering high quality professional development in the arts to educators within a public school context

2) Program Design

a) Engages participants in:

i. rich artistic learning experiences that build content knowledge and skills

ii. reflection and assessment

b) Uses appropriate strategies and a customized approach to meet school district and participant needs

c) Supports school districts' arts education plans and school districts' overall priorities for increasing student achievement and improving instructional quality

d) Reflects latest research and best practices in teaching and learning

e) Incorporates evaluation to enable continued program improvements

3) Transfer of Knowledge

a) Provides participants with knowledge, understanding, instructional skills and tools that prepares them to:

i. improve student achievement in the arts

ii. deliver sequential curriculum that meets the California State Visual and Performing Arts Standards


These criteria for quality professional development were developed from local, state and national resources, including:

Arts for All's Designing the Arts Learning Community: a Handbook for K-12 Professional Development Planners

California County Superintendents Educational Services Association’s A Guidebook for High Quality Professional Development in Arts Education

Goals 2000’s Mission & Principles of Professional Development

Learning Forward's Standards for Staff Development




All arts organizations and artists providing services on Programs for Educators are responsible for satisfying applicable laws or policies related to providing educational services, which may include, but are not necessarily limited to, obtaining live scan or other criminal background clearances and documenting health status and the absence of communicable disease.


Programs for Educators was made possible in 2010 by the generous support of:


The Wallace Foundation
Ideas for making high-quality arts learning accessible to more children. For a library of free, online knowledge, visit here.

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